Benefits of Bet365

Playing online games and gambling really bring forth paramount excitement not only because of the thrill the players can get as they play but also because of the prizes that await the winners of each game.

An initial deposit at Bet365 which is up to $600 is given 200% bonus. This is relatively high compared to other poker rooms or sites online . This would mean that your initial deposit should be $300 to get the highest bonus of $600. However, a minor deposit which is less than $600 will still be accepted. As you use the link to gain access to the "Poker For Free" the value deposited is already considered equal to 200%.

The Bet365 bonus is released by $10 increments for each 365 merit point that you have earned. This is about twice faster compared to those in the poker rooms in the iPoker network.

Bet365's loyalty gives you merit points each time you decide to play for real money or tournament. The more you go on playing the greater your chances to earn more points that can get you on top of the VIP ladder. More so, the higher the VIP status, the more merit points you'll earn.

The merit points can be used to buy participation in chosen tournaments. It can also be redeemed for cash the moment you moved to a higher status or the Student VP status.

The SNG on the iPoker Network offers amazing prizes, like cash, if you will be able to make it to the first or second place in a series of consecutive events. The SNG's can be purchased in different manner. It can be purchase for as low as $2 to $9 per game with a jackpot of $50,000.

Expert poker players can get a bigger catch because the average player here at Bet365 (iPoker Network) is utterly inactive.

All types of games are made available in different formats: No-Limit, Limit, and the Pot Limit. Bet365 Poker is offering cash games, sit and go's, multi table tournaments,in different types or formats, such as full ring, shorthanded and the heads up. All ring games are all for free.

Bet365 offers many tables and tournaments for amateur poker players; however, it is only offered one month after you have been registered.

To give best services to their customers, Bet365 has a page or section where you can ask anything that can help you play. You can also keep in touch with their personnel who are always available every day. You can call them by phone, talk to their personnel through live chat or email them. They can help you by accommodating your concerns about technical issues, bonuses and promotions,deposit and withdrawal, recovering data in the log and other questions you have in mind. Feel the excitement and get ready to win amazing prizes now!


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