Bet365 Poker Review

Bet365 group is one of the best online gambling British companies that have made its name for gambling and betting. Bet365 is regulated and governed by the UK Gambling commission. The company has its head quarters in the Stoke-on-Trent. There are offices in Australia and Gibraltar as well. Bet365 is the online betting room where players from different countries meet and exchange views. The new participating players get huge bonuses, along with it comes rewards for player’s loyalty. iPoker network is the main online gambling group that owns the rights of Bet365.

There is guaranteed awards money of minimum $6.5 million per month for the tournaments held. Along with this huge award money, there is also the opportunity to get a ticket for participating in one of the largest poker tournament.

Bet365 is available to the participants in seventeen different languages. It also supports payments via debit and credit cards. Bet365 has got more than 14 million active customers, and they come from more than 200 countries. About 2000 employees work day in and day out to make this online platform a success.

Bet365 is actually licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar. The chairman of the company is Peter Coates. The license number of Bet365 is 000875. The UK Gambling Commission does everything under its control to prevent any kind of fraud happening. The online casinos are monitored with severity to stop any kind of fraudulent activities. This increases faith among the participants coming from different countries.

To prevent the online platform from getting hacked Bet365 uses "Thawte web server". The private information’s such as debit and credit card information’s are kept safe by using SSL (Secure Socket Layers). This actually means that the sharing of information is done in an encrypted manner. It is not at all easy to break the encryption codes.

The graphic interface of the game environment is awesome, and is developed by Play Tech. All credit must go to Play Tech for developing great poker rooms for the participants over several years. The awesome graphic interfaces are well complimented by great functionalities. The deadly combination is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Bet365.

The standard features of a poker room in Bet365 includes the option to choose tables, play at different tables at the same time, mini viewing option, 4 color cards and several other great options. The participating players are given the great option of checking the history of the hands that have been played previously. This helps the players in checking as well as honing their skills for becoming great gamblers.

All in all, this entire platform gives the players the ultimate option of betting in a safe and secure environment. The communication between the UK Gambling Council and the British government has led to the development of Bet365, and people have been able to play the games with in a highly secure environment. The laws of the commission are strictly obeyed by the owners of Bet365, and this has helped in boosting the confidence of the gamblers around the world.

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